Evan and Hayley’s Backyard Wedding in Denver, Colorado

May 27, 2015

Love Rained Down

Being a wedding photographer of 5 years (or just being a woman in general), I’ve found myself to be a lover of details. Patterns, colors, textures- all coming together to create these beautiful masterpieces unique to each couple and wedding. We often find ourselves inspired by the venue, vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses, or exquisite table settings.

Today I was reminded of something much more important than the details; something so essential and obvious, but yet something easily forgotten. It was more clear than ever, the love that poured out and seeped through family and friends; the love between Evan, Hayley and little Gavin.

Each and every gorgeous detail had been hand made throughout the year leading up to the big day.
hand sewn, arranged, painted, built, designed by them.

But God had His own plan to showcase love that day.

The clouds closed in, and the sky began to give way. The groomsmen and many more spent hours in the rain carrying, moving, saving what they could. Drenched and determined, they showed their love. Each bridesmaid put on their game faces, strapped on their (adorable) rain boots, and headed down the aisle. Hayley, singly focused on her man, let pure joy and whimsy shine on, knowing that by sunset- regardless of any circumstance- she would be Mrs. McKenna at last. By the time they exchanged their hand-written vows, LOVE was what mattered; their love, their promise to each other to walk through life’s ups and downs together whether sunshine or rain.

As he held her in his arms, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. They had made it, husband and wife.

Life is funny and cruel in that way; we don’t always get our first choice in how things should go. I am not sure if I have ever felt quite the rush of emotions as I have today. What I am certain of, Evan and Hayley, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish, with God and one another by your side.

Today was a beautiful reminder of what love on your wedding day is supposed to look like.