About Stephen

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It’s my ideal-

I get to third-wheel with the madly in love while making art.

A Bible student by training, a photographer by trade, a thinker by nature and a romantic by choice, I have been capturing weddings professionally for over eight years. It’s essentially the ideal job: I get to third-wheel with the madly in love, make art, and as an added bonus, it makes my friends think I’m way cooler than I am.

[one_half_last padding=”0 40px 0 50px”]All jokes aside, I take my role as your wedding photographer very seriously. Choosing the right photographer is much like choosing the person whom you marry: finding someone who listens to and appreciates you, who cares about what you care about, and who will show you something from their point of view.

I’ve spent the past eight years honing my “point of view,” and I hope it shows. If you like what you see—indeed, if you like what I see—well, let’s give this thing a shot.[/one_half_last]


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